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Poetry meets beat.
Fluidity meets form.

© J. Astra Brinkmann

What is Gender but a Haunted House? (Official Video)

What is Gender but a Haunted House? - Dshamilja Roshani
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Dshamilja Roshani (they/them) is a Berlin-born poet, writer,

spoken-word artist and performer of German-Iranian descent.
Their work exceeds a single form, ranging from writing

to music, theatre and multimedia video formats, and
explores themes such as queerness, home and belonging.


They have been featured on international stages such as Poetry Africa, Button PoetryThe Joburg Theatre, Word N Sound,
Decolonoize Festival and The Poetry Meets Series.

Dshamilja’s debut album “The Pride of Water” was released in March 2023.

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